We are committed to a single thing a perfect record

We distinguish ourselves for the attention and passion we invest in our every-day work.
This is what we do best


We offer a complete production service because we like to follow a project from its very beginning. Only by following our customers step by step from the beginning to the end we can help them create a product that will satisfy them entirely.


Our studio offers all the professional figures which are necessary to the recording of a product in line with the current discographic standards.


The artist will have at his/her disposal a mixing-engineer and a producer with years of experience in the italian and european musical world



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Our Services
We provide clients with a great and complete set of services


Using the most advanced technologies available and a state-of-the-art gear, we can record your Single, E.P. or full-length Album. Our experience will be at your disposal too.


Professional mixing, reliability, high quality, and experience will help you get the best out of your songs.


You would like to get that famous guitar or bass sound but you don't own the right gear? No problem, we can do it for you.


Our engineers are available to follow you during your live gigs.

What we use

Apple MacPro
Apple MacBook Pro 17"
Apple MacBook Pro 15"
Apple MacBook Pro 13"
Pro Tools HD 9
Pro Tools 10
Pro Tools 11
Logic Studio 9
Apogee Symphony IO 16x6
Digidesign 192 HD 24bit/192kHz
Digidesign Control|24
RME FireFace 800
Yamaha HS80
Yamaha HS10
Beyerdynamic DT770M
Beyerdynamic DT770PRO
Steven Slate Trigger Platinum
Slate Digital FG-X
Propellerhead Reason 5

API Lunchbox
API 512C
Avalon U5
TL Audio Ebony A1
Palmer PDI–03
TC Electronic Finalizer Plus
MLS Buss Compressor (API Custom)
SMPro Audio EP84
Radial X-Amp
Korg DTR–1000
Digidesign Midi I/O
Tech21 Sansamp

AKG C4000B
M-Audio Solaris
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure Beta57
Shure Beta52
Shure SM7B
AKG D112
AKG C430
Sennheiser MD421 II
Sennheiser MD421-N
Electrovoice RE27
Electrovoice RE11
Electrovoice ND308A
Beyerdynamic Opus 53
T-Bone RB100

Yamaha 9000 Custom "Steve Gadd"
Snare Mapex "Black Panther" Steel 14"
Snare Pearl "Steve Ferrone" 14"
Snare Pearl Master Custom 14"
Custom Cymbals
Roland KD-9 Drum Pad
DDrum Pro Triggers
Ampeg SVT-CL
Ampeg SVT-4 Pro
Ampeg SVT810AV
Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier
Orange Rockverb 100
Cabinet 4×12 Mesa-Boogie
Cabinet 4×12 Marshall JCM900

Partners we work with
You can find us literally anywhere, just push a button and we're there

Via T. Olivelli 56
51037 Montale (PT)



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